The bald truth? Nothing of lasting significance is going to happen until the problems of inflation, insane destabilizing financialization, and a program of conceptually aligned policies that are so wildly beneficial for both the individual and enterprise simultaneously occur. And historically that kind of break through general resolution only happens when a genuine paradigm change occurs.

And a 50% Discount/Rebate policy at retail sale and the rest of the regulatory and policy program of Wisdomics-Gracenomics will mathematically, empirically and temporal universe-ly accomplish all of the above and more. And I can rebutt every orthodoxy, terminal cynicism, and even any apparent conflict with the economic necessities of climate change. Let us light a gargantuan flare with a mass movement for monetary and economic paradigm change rather than cursing the darkness (or even doing absolutely valid reseaches that yet do not accomplish the synthesis of paradigm change).

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I've lived worked and travelled widely so seen first hand both the impact of Western colonialism, but also of Russian colonialism in E Europe. Ive also studied International Development as a Masters - research in India. Ive been caught in a riot in Iran against the US backed Shah and also watched the tanks roll into Afghanistan first hand. In Zambia around the time the Rhodesians were bombing Nkomo's house. My mate lived next door... So might have a bit more first hand experience than the average commentator...

What recent events have brought home to me is how silent those who are most vociferous about Western colonialism (and I'd share the criticisms of the West), are about anything involving Russia. This despite centuries of brutal imperialism, continuing as Western colonialism wound down and now writ large in the utter brutality of Russia in Ukraine as they attempt to further extend their empire. Thats Putin's words, not mine.

The Holodomor does not even get a mention. Its as though Lithuanian, Polish, Ukrainian, Georgian, Chechnyan, Moldovan lives - not to mention those of many states and ethnicities that Russia (a modest country West of the Urals) colonised- just do not matter. You could call it racist and indeed if you listen to Putins speeches and those of his supporters they are explicitly genocidal and racist.

So being silent on what is happening today and has continued for so long, whilst continuing to critique what essentially wound up 50-60 years ago is dishonest political posturing. Colonialism should be called out wherever it comes from. Otherwise it is political posturing and dishonest. In practice it's more about an alignment of would be or actual autocrats. And suspiciously it tends to involve the far Left along with the far Right.

Read Russian history through a colonial lens and it becomes blindingly obvious. The Soviet Union was not a voluntary 'union' anymore than the British Empire was. It was the Soviet Empire. Russia's role in Africa today, mostly through their mercenary Wagner group is down with the worst of Heart of Darkness. This is not about 'whataboutery'. To be silent or condoning Russia's colonialism which has continued and is happening right now undermines and discredits important wider criticisms of colonialism. And Im afraid sections of the Left are particularly guilty of that.

(PS Good to see John McDonnell and Paul Mason calling some of this out.)

(PPS Keep up the great work on finance and banking)

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Posted to Steve Keen's Substack newsletter:

Austrians are not only wrong, they're pig-headedly wrong. The perfect example of the stupidity of being captured by an orthodoxy.

The Chicago plan isn't up to the dynamism that is a good thing in economics, but it would easily be better than the crazed speculative nonsense of the current system. There isn't anything the private banking system does that a true publicly administered national banking system couldn't do better...or do without. Like the profit motive for example. What the economy and banking systems need is what everybody would be better off cultivating, namely wisdom and its pinnacle concept the natural philosophical concept of grace. To wit Wisdomics-Gracenomics. Grace is the most pregnant, dynamic, integrative, innovative and virtuous concept in human thought and experience. Find ways to implement the aspects of the natural philosophical concept of grace into the economy and money system (and every system including oneself) and we'll be on the road to both abundant economic stability and (finally) fulfilling our species designation of homo sapiens sapiens i.e. wise and discerning man.

Being a system's analyst is good, being a system's philosopher is an analytic step or two above it.

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Good article but...

If you are going to talk about colonial wars, you might want to call out Russia as well. Centuries of brutal colonialisation of its neighbours with everything that goes with colonialisation, including the racism. Read Putin's speeches where he talks explicitly about re-establishing the Russian EMPIRE. He and those around him use explicitly genocidal terms. The West pretty much wound up its colonialisation 50 years ago, and yes it was a shameful period. However Russia has never stopped. Countries attempting to gain or keep independence have been brutally put down.

Those countries cosying up to Russia whilst still citing Western colonialism are conflicted to put it politely.

PS Check out the Holodomor and you'll understand why the Ukrainians are fighting for their lives against the people who inflicted it on them. Most people know about the Holocaust. Sadly too few know about the Holodomor in which a similar number of Ukrainians were murdered by the Russians.

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Please don't doubt I understand Russia today (and in its recent history) as an aggressive, war-mongering imperial, capitalist power... And should have made that clear in my post. But countries like SA regard Britain and the US as long-time colonialists and imperialists (see Cecil John Rhodes and the extraction and exploitation of SA's black people, its diamonds and gold) - whereas in the 1960s at the height of apartheid SA, the west backed the Nationalists with big loans etc; The Soviet Union was the only one of the bigger countries willing to protect and support Nelson Mandela and his ANC comrades after "the black pimpernel" travelled there secretly in 1962. I have met doctors and other professional members of the ANC trained by the Soviet higher education system when no western country would support. That experience, even if we may think of it as misguided in relation today's Russia, may inform some of today's attitudes by BRIC countries...

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Yes, that general attitude played a part, but the much larger factor, at least for the Sahel countries, was our toppling of Gaddafi and and handing his weapons' depots to Jihadist's groups who all started causing trouble (remember the Boko Haram kidnappings?) France launched a bunch of anti-terrorist campaigns the failed miserably and the US trained up a bunch of military leaders to preform coups. https://twitter.com/RepMattGaetz/status/1638940397693968395

And finally they had had enough of us formally asked france to leave and asked for the Wagner Group (Russian based mercenaries) to come and help stabilize the region.

I'm not saying Russia is good in any way. Just that despite what the west thinks of itself, the rest of the world has experienced our "benevolence" first hand and largely hate us for it.

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Yeah, keep telling yourself your side is always right. "The West pretty much wound up its colonialization 50 years ago" Have you been living under a rock? We took Iraq and destroyed it for no reason whatsoever 20 years ago. To stop Gaddafi from "slaughtering" an armed uprising against him we turned Libya from the country with the highest HDI in Africa to an open air slave market. AND then we intentionally funneled Libyan weapons to Jihadists to try an topple Syria. Which completely destabilized the entire region. https://thewaywardrabbler.substack.com/p/in-search-of-lost-empire

Seriously, go educate yourself.

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Very well written. Thank you for the analysis Ann!

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You are right, financialization is a stage 4 cancerous growth. Minsky/Keen were right, the system is monetarily and financially unstable. Michael Hudson is right Finance is a huge parasite sucking the profit out of the system while dominating every other business model and 95% of the general populace. MMters are right fiscal austerity is macro-economic monetary policy standing on its head.

Now all they need to do is recognize the new paradigm concept, where and how it is most efficaciously implemented, and then communicate those beneficial effects directly to the individual...because it will sell like crazy for them...and scare the shite out of the authorities, the pundits and the pols.

All of the above reforms are fine and good and conceptually and intentionally align with the new paradigm, but reforms are points in a circle labled the monetary, financial and economic PATTERN while a genuinely new paradigm is and changes the ENTIRETY of the circle.

Like I've said elsewhere before all a new paradigm and its effects need is a platform because its benefits are so good for virtually everyone they sell 'like hotcakes" on a cold and windy day. If you, Keen, Hudson and MMTers would look at the new paradigm and its innovative, integrative, problem resolving and reality inverting policies we could actually get some place in:

1) economics,

2) regarding the increasingly sorrier and sorrier mental state 6000 years of the current paradigm has had on the individual,

3) regarding climate change, and

4) on thriving instead of not surviving

If you send me your email address I'd be happy to send you a copy of the latest version of my still evolving published book Wisdomics-Gracenomics: The Monetary Paradigm and It Policies so we can discuss it. United we stand and win, divided we fall. I can be reached at ataushumme@yahoo.com

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This is, quite frankly, terrifying. What options do we, as the end users, have? What actions can we, the littlest players in the grand scheme of things, take? 🙏🏻

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