I agree. Over more than a decade studying the financial world in general and regulators in particular I've never ceased to be astonished.

Not just at the gyrations to avoid accountability, before, during and after. But the lack of any effective policing (by police or regulator) of an ongoing string of mega-crimes. Most of which go largely unnoticed and almost all but the most blatant unpunished.

I agree that at roots of this is the 'well what can you expect' attitude. Mostly unspoken but clearly implicit.

It's that attitude that needs to change. Along with the universal belief that it's 'someone else's problem'.

It need to be considered 'not good enough' and EVERYONE's problem - as indeed it is because it undermines us all - for change to happen.

I'm sure you, like I, have to wonder what it's going to take for this to happen?


Keep going Ann!

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Why does anyone use a 'Fund Manager' when almost none can beat a tracker, and those that do are just lucky?

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