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Valuable article Ann. Why not think of this kind of economics as Milk Road Economics?

Milk Roads are Routes of Trade, Investment & Culture 👈🏽 Connecting Hunger in People, Places & Economies.

Thanks in any case and look forward to hear.


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Very good work, Ann. Thank You. I'm glad to have discovored this through The Automatic Earth Blog.

It serves the interests of some to starve the poor, to involuntarily decrease global population with a green smily-face sticker pasted onto the acts. These acts mysteriously cause things to happen, yet no person is responsible for this unseen agency.

That's how it's desigened to work.

Things hapen and nobody is responsible, but the money always finds it's way to the right house.

That's different. Don't follow the money.


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Great stuff. Is this kinda deflation? I understand money becomes a bit useless when too much is printed but when it is chasing less things it kind of means they become more expensive relative to the value of money.

I think we will enter a command economy managed centrally.

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Thanks to Ann, we can read betyong bad jorunalism and understand this complex world.

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