Once the public understands that government deficits are equivalent to the public surplus and that the public surplus is largely held by 1% of the population, the correlation between the deficit and wealth inequality will become evident.

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Yes, Finance is the problematic institution and the paradigm concept of Debt ONLY as the sole, MONOPOLISTIC, form and vehicle for the creation and distribution of new money IS the core of the core problem for the economy and for the planet.

Beside breaking up that monopoly paradigm we need a directly distributive money system that with its new paradigm policies (think GIFTING) insures individual monetary security while simultaneously enabling and encouraging commercial agents willing to cooperate in the transformation.

We require an integration of economics and ethics fundamentally based on the natural philosophical wisdom concept of grace. A Wisdomics-Gracenomics if you will. Grace is nothing more and certainly nothing less than love in action...and as policies are the actions of systems...systemic policies. So let us align economic policy with it.

Beats hell out of the human civilization long "free" market fallacy that is actually alternately goosed and strangled financially dominating chaos.

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All very interesting and necessary, but it appears a 'how's is needed. For what it's worth, here is my two'pennoth.

1. Ban the ability to profit off the back of someone else's labour. That means stocks and shares to you and me.

2. Profit to be used to support staff and build a business, not to give the 1% even more.

Yes, I know that this affects everyone, the poorest amongst us the hardest because that's the income for pension schemes.

But, without something drastic everything crashes even harder eventually.

And me, I'm certainly not rich, I am one of those who would be drastically affected.

Let's face it the system is imploding anyway, at least we could try a controlled demolition.

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Is the quickest way to blow up the ‘easy money’ pipeline to reduce the revenue to the state?

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Money comes from the State. So thats a serious misunderstanding.

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May 29, 2023Liked by Ann Pettifor

Music to my ears. In my ninth decade you are helping bring some clarity to my understanding of political economy.

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