The US-NATO-UK Ukrainian Proxy War on Russia is an existential war of survival, for Russia. The West as well. It is now a Zero Sum Game Conflict. American political and economic goals are to destroy the Russian state, apply regime change strategies and steal Russia's vast natural resources.

This campaign comes as the culmination of several hundred years of Western global dominance, not by the superiority of Western ideas and values, of which we hear much, but rather by The West's superiority in applying organized violence, mass murder and resource theft, notably against technologically inferior states. It thus is a test of The West's dominant Geo-Political and Geo-Economic Success Paradigm. Russia is not a technologically inferior state.

The Ukrainian people are entirely expendable cannon fodder for this campaign and they are the modern equivalent of a Pyramid of Skulls.


God Favours Russia.


Washington-London Systems Managers attribute the destruction of Nord Stream to Russia.

Joe Biden made it clear that they would stop it.

Nord Stream has been a long standing concern for American energy interests.

When one commits a crime, one invariably assigns blame elsewhere.

A have the Washington-London Systems Managers.

Others believe this.

No greater and tangible evidence of The Greater Fool Theory than this.

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And now Gazprom (Russia) is in trouble as Vladimir Milov pointed out


The attempt to disrupt European gas storage has failed.... but Russia has to move that gas has to be moved somewhere and now that flow has stopped for them too. So they can store but then?

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Thanks for shedding light on this topic, Ann!

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